2019 NAEM Report: Why Companies Replace Their EHS&S Software Systems

The decision to replace an EHS&S data management system is not an easy one. Given the significant time, cost and change management investment software implementations require, it's not surprising that companies often postpone replacement until the burden of maintaining an existing system begin outweighing the benefits of starting anew.

So, what does the decisions process look like from a company's perspective? And more importantly, how are other EHS professionals select software that works for them?

NAEM’s new report, “Why Companies Replace Their EHS&S Software Systems”, sheds light on the software purchase process by revealing the reasons why companies return to the market and the underlying management challenges that often lead to issues with the customer experience. The results also help EHS&S leaders spot the early signs of user disengagement, diagnose issues with how they are managing their system, and successfully lead the new selection process.

Among the report data, the most insightful findings include:

  • Almost half of those looking to replace their systems state user friendliness as one of the most important criteria in software selection.
  • Being oversold on a current system that doesn’t perform as advertised is the top factor that triggers dissatisfaction with a selected software system.
  • Integrating software into other business IT systems has grown in importance, with 56 percent of respondents saying it was a top purchase decision driver.
  • Workflows can have the biggest impact on the effectiveness of a software system, so it’s critical to establish or map out processes before beginning the software shopping process.

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