Build an Effective EHS Training Program for Your Diverse Workforce

Diverse Workplace Training

Our new EHS Training for a Diverse Workforce Infographic will help you to identify the unique training needs of your workforce, and build an EHS training program that makes diversity a powerful asset to your workplace safety culture.

You'll gain insights to help you:

  • Identify the characteristics of today's changing workforce
  • Understand the value that diversity can bring to your business
  • Apply strategies and technology solutions to meet the unique training needs of your workplace

Developing an EHS training program that meets the needs of your diverse workforce can seem like a big challenge, but it is also a valuable opportunity to harness that diversity and create a workplace that possesses greater depth of skills and experience, and achieves higher levels of engagement with your EHS programs.

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For an even more in-depth look at how to build a highly effective EHS training program for your diverse workforce, be sure to watch our free on-demand webinar EHS Training for a Diverse Workforce. Topics covered include:

  • Trends in labor force demographics
  • Common challenges to developing an effective safety training program
  • The value in employee diversity
  • Understanding and managing differences in perception of risk
  • Best practices for developing and implementing effective workplace safety training programs

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VelocityEHS Training Management and On-Demand Training solutions make it easy to develop, manage and document workplace training programs across your entire organization, while giving you the ability to deliver nearly 100 expert-designed, interactive EHS training courses to your employees whenever, wherever they need it. To learn more, Request a Demo or give us a call at 1.866.919.7922.