OSHA 2016 Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Deadline is February 1


On February 1 of each year, the OSHA Recordkeeping Standard requires non-exempt employers to post OSHA Form 300A — a summary of all workplace injuries and illnesses from the previous year — in their facilities. It must be posted so that it’s visible to current employees and to potential job applicants. The form must stay posted until April 30, 2016.

This requirement, and the Recordkeeping Standard in general, are the subject of considerable focus by the EHS community because the standard is regularly updated and changed, and sometimes it can be challenging to keep pace! For example, in 2014, OSHA announced new updates to the list of industries exempt from the recordkeeping requirement. The new exemption list — which became effective January 1, 2015 — changed the basis of the classification from the old Standard industrial Classification (SIC) system to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). This change kept one of the most prominent exemptions alive; namely, that employers with ten or fewer employees are exempt from the standard.

These ongoing updates to the OSHA Recordkeeping Standard can make it hard for safety professionals to keep track of what updates have actually passed and are in force, and which ones are only pending. Because of this, VelocityEHS is offering a series of OSHA Recordkeeping Webinars designed to take some of the mystery out of the requirement, and some of the pain out of satisfying it.

The 60-minute webinar, “What's New with OSHA's Recordkeeping Standard: Are You Ready?”, covers Recordkeeping best practices, recent changes to OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements, and what to expect from OSHA on injury and illness coverage in the near future. Registration is now available for the following dates and times:

Visit www.MSDSonline.com/resources/webinars for more information or to register. Space is limited.