Infographic: Ten Reasons Why You Need Office Ergonomics

Humantech’s new office ergonomics infographic, 10 Reasons Why You Need Office Ergonomics, emphasizes the consequences of not having an office ergonomics program in three categories:

  • Pain – Implementing an office ergonomics program can help reduce the job-related discomfort and pain experienced by up to one-half of office workers today. By providing employees with proper training in how to set up a workstation, along with the right tools and equipment, injury and illness rates decline and employees are more productive.
  • Cost – Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for one-third of injury and illness costs in U.S. businesses. A workstation that is set up based on the user’s anthropometry promotes good “sitting hygiene” and eliminates the postures that lead to MSDs.
  • Changing Trends – The workplace is constantly changing. With advances in technology, people are sitting more, working longer, and working from home and other non-office locations.

Effective ergonomics programs have been proven to substantially reduce work-related injury claims by managing these three elements. Download a PDF version.

Ten Reasons Why You Need Office Ergonomics