Product Review: The Wave® Work Assist Vehicle

Product Name:

The Wave® Work Assist Vehicle


The work assist vehicle developed by Crown Equipment Corporation is revolutionizing ergonomics in warehouse and manufacturing environments by designing an improved alternative method to many traditional job tasks requiring operators to climb, reach, lift and walk, often with heavy and awkward loads.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • The compact design allows accessibility to storage shelves, work areas and narrow aisles that many forklifts cannot, thereby, also replacing the need for manual use of rolling/warehouse ladders and handcarts that often create high risk situations.
  • The additional mounted load tray provides a consistent storage location for objects at appropriate working heights to minimize the time spent manually handling loads. The platform adjusts in height with the operator to eliminate stair/ladder climbing while holding loads.
  • The control handle and steering functions have been carefully designed for optimal compatibility with operator hands and arms to promote comfortable neutral postures.


  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Parts Picking
  • Rail-guided applications
  • Maintenance Tasks

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