New Chemical & MSDS Management Platform = More Levels, More Flexibility

One of the key areas of focus for our next generation chemical management platform is the hierarchy that supports your organization's company location structure. It's important that a chemical management system be able to provide an approximate representation of the physical environments within a company in order to accurately demonstrate where hazardous chemicals are being stored. We address this in our new platform release and have made several key improvements to better reflect your chemical management practices.

Here are some of the improvements:
More Levels - We provide you with four levels under which to manage MSDSs/products. The addition of another level in the hierarchy gives you more flexibility to create an MSDS management map that more accurately depicts where hazardous chemicals reside throughout your organization.

More Flexibility – We’ve given you the option of create a unique name for each of the four levels available within the MSDS management hierarchy. This allows you to match the actual level names with your unique structure.

We also provide you with functionality to "Move" locations within the hierarchy when necessary. This means as your organization's structure changes, so too can its respective chemical inventories with just a few simple clicks.

Other improvements:
Fewer Clicks, More Tasks Completed at Once – We’ve improved efficiency in MSDSonline Search as well as the eBinder.

  • For any MSDS/product you find using MSDSonline Search, you are able to both add it to your eBinder as well as assign it to its appropriate location at the same time. This convenient process saves you time and improves your productivity around maintaining a compliant MSDS inventory.
  • Within your eBinder, you have the ability to select multiple MSDSs/products and to then assign them all to their locations at one time. This improves the process of managing eBinders for locations that use the same hazardous chemicals.

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