Chemical Management Platform Allows You to Create Your Own Custom Reports

As we continue to give you a peek under the hood of our new hazardous chemical management platform, you’ll see today that this new platform is full of exciting enhancements, including significant improvements to our reporting functionality.

We recognize the importance of being able to quickly gather and analyze pertinent information about the hazardous chemicals in use throughout your organization, whether for regulatory compliance, sustainability or inventory management purposes. We’ve also been listening to your requests for ways to improve efficiencies associated with your report-generating and analysis processes.

We have responded by enabling you to create your own customized MSDS/ product reports that are formatted to allow for easy manipulation so you can quickly drill down to the information you need, right when you need it.

Flexible MSDS/Product Report Setup Features
Our new platform provides the flexibility to generate reports for any or all of the products that are assigned to any or all of the locations or groups you’ve created to manage your inventory.


These customizable and comprehensive reports serve as valuable tools for managing your hazardous chemical inventory—helping you cut through the clutter and keep your company safe, compliant and environmentally responsible. For the latest information on our revolutionary new MSDS, chemical and regulatory management system, visit www.MSDSonline.com or call us at 1.888.362.2007