A Chemical Hygiene Officer Starts Her Career

A Chemical Hygiene Officer Starts Her Career

Recently, the Safety On-Demand Podcast had a chance to sit down with Janelle K. Hadley, the new chemical hygiene officer and laboratory safety officer for Chicago’s North Park University, and talk about the challenges and opportunities related to starting a career in safety and taking on a newly created safety role within an established organization.

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North Park was founded in 1891 and has an enrollment of 3200 students from around the world. “The mission of North Park University, as an intentionally Christian university of the Evangelical Covenant Church, is to prepare students for lives of significance and service through education in the liberal arts, professional studies, and theology.”

Hadley, as you will hear, is a real go getter actively setting out to enhance the culture of safety at North Park. It’s a great look at someone in the early stages of her career trying to make an impact while at the same time learn as much as she can from everyone around her.

Topics discussed include the importance of mentors, the need for safety professionals to be safety leaders, and advice for other safety professionals at the start of their careers.

Hadley is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health.

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