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If you have ever participated in one of our training classes, you know that we always talk about how critical it is to provide the correct tool to the job.  So we were very interested when we read this article by Paul Clarke, describing how a growing number of bartenders are taking the tools of their profession every bit as seriously as do carpenters, mechanics or chefs.

Bartender Eric Johnson is quoted in the article as saying “whether you’re a car mechanic or a bartender, your tools are important to your job.” Better tools, Johnson notes, can help elevate the quality of a finished product – in this case, a cocktail – from good to sublime. “Your tools can inspire you to work at a higher level, so you make drinks that are much more enjoyable.” The article goes on to describe many new designs of shakers, spoons and jiggers that are meant to improve comfort and performance.

For an interesting spin on ergonomics in a non-traditional manufacturing environment, click here for the entire article from the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday June 14th.